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To Banyoles' cosy Bed and Breakfast

About Ca la Flora

- An old house, built in 1914 in the centre of Banyoles -

  • Location

    Ca la Flora is situated in the centre of the city, only 5 minutes away from the lake of Banyoles. Our small and rustic hostel offers free breakfast, beautiful bedrooms and a charming terraced area.

  • Design

    Ca la Flora is decorated traditionally, with wooden furniture and ceiling beams. The bedrooms feature free Wi-Fi, central heating and a private bathroom. Some bedrooms have a small French balcony.

  • Environment

    Girona and Olot are a 30 minute drive from Ca la Flora and the beaches of Costa Brava are 50km away.

  • The Patio

    Ca la Flora also has a bar with a terrace, where they serve a variety of cold and hot sandwiches, salads, tapas, etc.

Description of the Accommodation

Ca la flora is an old house, built in 1914, in the centre of Banyoles, very close to the old town centre and only 200m from the lake.

The house was initially dedicated to the activity of the peasantry and was eventually established as a dairy, so there is an outdoor patio which links many additions to and spaces in the house. The most recent adaptation to the house included a core which consisted of 3 double bedrooms and a suite, inspired by different styles. The suite has a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a large hall which allows us to accommodate up to 12 people.

More Information

During your stay you will have access to the lake of Banyoles, where there are sports clubs in which you can train every day. Also, if you contact the club Natació you will be able to use their facilities like their swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor).

The weather

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  • "Bueno, acogedor y tranquilo. Limpio y exquisito el desayuno. buenos servicios y zona céntrica. Habitación grande, ducha deliciosa y muy tranquila la zona. Es muy bonita la decoración y el ambiente en general. Muy guapo ".
    per ElsaPonce10
  • "Nos gustó la buena atención que nos brindaron. El desayuno bueno, la habitación caliente, la verdad no se escuchaba ruido"
    per Paola
  • "La decoración con mucho encanto. La exquisita amabilidad de la chica de recepción. Trato familiar. Excelente desayuno".
    per Nieves
  • "El tracte del personal excel·lent, un lloc molt acollidor, fan que et sentis com a casa".
  • "Los desayunos son geniales. En el bar de el hostal se come muy bien y a un precio razonable".
    per Angel
  • "Limpio, ordenado y singular habitación con buen ambiente. El personal del hotel y el café amable y servicial.Un lugar encantador y bien situado para visitar los restaurantes locales, parque y lago. El parking está a unos pocos cientos de metros, que no es problema, ya que el coche no era necesario ".
    Richard B.

Our Rooms

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(Anethum graveolens) This aromatic herb has been known since ancient times. The medicinal use of the herb is old, as evidenced by its presence in the “Capitulare de villis vel curtis imperii”, an order issued by Carlomagno who ordered that their fields should cultivate a number of herbs and spices including "anesum" currently identified as Anethum graveolens.


- Look at all that you can do in the surrounding area -

Culture and health

There are a wide range of activities very close

Museum Tour

Darder Museum (Banyoles) - 10.30 AM
The Museo Darder is situated in a completely renovated building on the outskirts of the old town centre of Banyoles, and it integrates two different exhibitions: the Darder Space and the Interpretation Space of the lake. Two spaces with the same aim: the interpretation and the study of nature in two different historical moments.
Draga Neolithic Archaeological Park (Banyoles) - 12.00 PM
The Draga is the only Neolithic site with a lacustrine environment in the Iberian Peninsula. It is comparable to the famous towns of European alpine area but with an older chronology which dates back to 5300- 5200 BC.
Museum of Jewish History (Girona) - 10.00 PM
The Museum of Jewish History offers a journey through the history of Jewish communities in medieval Catalonia and is based on examples from the history of the Jews of Girona and contains archaeological and documented material available in the archives of the city.
Dalí’s Museum (Figueres) - 09.30 AM
The Dalí's Museum forms part of the "Dalí Triangle": Port-Lligat, Púbol (La Pera) and Figueres. The Dalí’s Theatre-Museum in Figueres, had been the city's theatre, which opened in 1850, where they displayed different works of the author, and decorative items and wall paintings, along several rooms, highlighting his yard majestically , where you can find the famous Cadillac.

Cycle routes

Transhumancia Way
This route also goes from Campdevànol to Gombrèn, which is 4 km of the 15 km route, easily approaching the popular fountain of Saint Eudald, the fountain of Querol, a playground surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty, and the Romanesque church of Saint Llorenç of Campdevànol. 
The Iron and Coal Route
The Iron and Coal Route, named in reference to the important ironworking tradition of the Baix Ripollès and extraction of coal in the mines of Ogassa, follows the route of the railway. The 12 kilometres of track have become the ideal place to enjoy a walk or bike ride and come into contact with an industrial past to which we are heirs.
Train Route 1 (Olot - Girona)
This 57 km pathway crosses three regions and twelve villages and follows the valleys of the rivers Fluvia, Bruges and Ter. The route follows a gentle slope from its starting place, Olot (440 m), until the end, Girona (70 m), and it has a more elevated point at the hill at En Bas, 558 meters above sea level . The journey, suitable for pedestrians and bicyclists, is very well maintained, with bridges, railings and good signage.
Train Route 2 (Girona - Sant Feliu de Guíxols)
The railway route is 39.7 kilometres long, has a smooth incline from Girona to Sant Feliu de Guíxols (15 m) and reaches its highest point in Cassà de la Selva (136 m). Following the narrow route of the old train gauge from Girona to Sant Feliu, allows you to see two counties - Gironès and Baix Empordà - from the basin of the river Ter to the valley of Ridaura, passing through the valley in the forest (la Selva).
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